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Heating, ventilation and cooling systems for dairy farms

The climate in the barn is the key!

The choice for the right ventilation solution depends on your specific situation. The type of barn, its location, dimensions, specific climate conditions , lay-out inside, systems in use etc. ,all influence the right choice to maximize the best result for your livestock.
We can help you to design the right solution that saves you
money and guarantees the best conditions in your dairy barn for animal comfort and for your profit.

Our cooling solutions for your dairy farm

Sprinkler systems wet the cows with a large droplet and then use fans to blow across the cow’s bodies to evaporate the water and cool the cows. In most cases a pipeline is installed next to the feeding area and mounted with low pressure 180° nozzles spreading the water over the cows’ back. A spray pattern with a radius of max. 2.40m. is wanted so the freestalls don’t get wet.
Nozzle size determines rate. Only the correct pipe diameters, pressure regulators, thermostats and timers make the system complete and successful.

High pressure fogging systems for evaporative cooling are used to cool the air above the cow without wetting the cow.
A fog-ring is mounted on the fans consisting of 6, 8 or 10 nozzles. A high pressure water pump supplies the water to the nozzles at 70 Bar, to the nozzles, where a fine mist vaporizes, absorbing the heat and transferring it away from the cow. Depending on the humidity level in the barn, temperature drops of 3-5°C can be reached. Important is the control of humidity levels and the settings made on the controls.
Abbi-Aerotech can help you making the correct installations.

Abbi-Aetrotech XXP140


Abbifan 140-XXP now equipped with EC DC motor for extremely low power consumption and an affordable price! The ABBI-FAN 140-X fan is the best option for the necessary cooling:

  • additional air movement for the animals
  • stimulates heat release
  • maintains milk production levels
  • stimulates feed intake
  • less fly nuisance (blue tongue)
  • dryer cubicles
  • feed stays fresh longer
  • reduces mastitis
  • better conception rate
  • low investment costs

Heat Stress: an underestimated issue for dairy cows!

Dairy cows are very sensitive to heat stress, which can cost the dairy farmer over EUR 250,00-EUR 300,00 per cow per year.
Higher producing cows show even more signs of heat stress. There is increasing evidence that relatively low temperatures can lead to depressed feed intakes, lower milk yields, reduced fertility and increased risk of mastitis.
Heat Stress is linked to ambient temperature and to relative humidity.
The temperature-humidity index, or THI, is the common indicator for heat stress.
While the heat stress threshold was previously set at a THI value of 72, new studies show that a THI of 68 already effects the milk production, health and reproduction of high yielding cows.

Simple tips to reduce the negative impacts of heat stress on dairy cattle:

1. Provide adequate shade.
2. Provide cooling with fans.
3. Supply enough fresh and clean water.
4. Modify feed rations to increase energy supply and decrease heat load on the cow.
5. Add sprinklers/soakers and/or misters/foggers when possible.


Abbi Fan 140-xxp-21

The ABBIFAN 140-XXP-21 Dairy cattle fan guarantees extremely low power consumption and perfect control. This very energy-efficient Abbifan is equipped with a directly driven Permanent Magnet motor with built-in electronics.


Abbi PV-A Ceiling fans come equipped with a direct-drive, permanent-magnet motor. The rotor is fitted directly onto the motor’s shaft, so additional transmissions are no longer needed.

Abbi DCC Touch  

A new generation DCC controller is now available for your ventilation in the dairy barn. Equipped with a touch screen and a perfect combination of different functionalities, which allow for optimal climate control.

Abbi Tube Ventilation

The new ventilation system, which is made by Abbi-Aerotech, is using air tubes. It is specially designed for calves, dairy and young goat farms to avoid any cold draught as well as to realize the optimum ventilation.

Abbi Multi Unit 

The new milking parlour ventilation concept, which has been designed by Abbi-Aerotech, has a unique air-dividing unit to avoid high temperatures in the milking parlour. .