Innovative Technologies for Ruminants

About Rumitechs

In over 2 decades within the Agricultural service industry, Colin has been involved in designing, creating, selling and maintaining all manner of products for farming businesses. Through his extensive experience he has learnt the fundamental needs for innovation and technologies in the industry.

In recent years Farmers have come to value their most important asset… themselves. With the implementation of many technical innovations in the industry the farmer has been able to record much more information and act accordingly to benefit his or her stock. The ability to store this information somewhere other than in their head is paramount for being able to share the information with others, whether it be staff, vets or farm advisors.

As data builds and increases farmers are able to act on this information. In days gone by they would have only been able to guess or recollect from memory.  The importance of this data is invaluable in the modern farm and proves to assist farmers in saving valuable time whilst improving return.

To this end Rumitechs seeks out and supplies only the best products, with long lasting, reliable and cost effective technologies and innovations in order to safeguard their customers from unnecessary down time.

Offering “on call” engineers 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Rumitechs pride themselves on a first class service.

Our collaboration with Holm and Laue, who were our first acquisition, is a clear indication of the level of quality we expect and to ensure we deliver in our sales and service.  We continue to demonstrate this with our more recent partnerships and products.