Simple and safer transport for calves

Safe transport of calves. Easy to use.

Gentle on the calf, stress-free stockmanship.

Saves a great deal of working time every day. 

CalfBuggy – simple and safer transport for calves

Transporting calves on the farm is a diffi cult task and tiring, particularly if one is on one’s own. Pulling the calf across the yard on a halter and rope takes a long time and strains the nerves of all involved. Such situations can quickly turn dangerous too, if the strength required to lift the calf onto a wheelbarrow is not there or it is in danger of falling out.

The CalfBuggy lets you easily transport your calves over longer distances without putting safety at risk. It is easy to lower the buggy to the ground, allowing a calf to be simply loaded by just one person.

Simply unlock the twist lock to lower the cart to the ground. The calf can be ushered in comfortably through swing doors at the front and back and exit at the other end.

Once the calf has been loaded, simply press the grip downwards until the twist lock has engaged and the wheels are positioned for transportation.

The plastic grille on the floor of the CalfBuggy ensures that the
calf stands safely and is quickly cleaned.

Thanks to the large-size wheels uneven and rough terrain as well as slush and snow are never a problem. They also provide ideal weight distribution to make pushing child’s play.

A restraining device at the front of the CalfBuggy ensures that the animal can be held calmly and safely in place, for example for medical treatment.

What’s more, the CalfBuggy is ideal for transporting other things too such as feed, straw or tools for example.