Comfort Cow 24V

Special designed for your animals

Every Comfy brush design incorporates some well thought out innovations. For example, we believe it’s important that the brush starts up easily when touched by the animal. The Touchstart technology activates the brush when it is lifted or pushed down. With Flowstart technology, we go a little further because the brush detects the walking direction of the animal. This allows the brush to always start in the correct direction of rotation.

The integrated 24 Volt motor is very economical. In addition, this increases safety because there are no high voltage sources being applied directly to the frame. Lastly, we use nylon bristles because they retain their shape for longer. This maintains a good brushing action and allows the dirt to be more easily discharged from the brush roller.

The Comfort Cow 24v Brush

The Comfort Cow cow brush features an angled, rotating brush that can be pushed upwards by the cow itself. Thanks to the ergonomic shape and extra long brush shaft, hard-to-reach areas such as the head, back, tail and the side of the cow can be easily brushed. The brush has two directions of rotation, and will rotate in the opposite direction after every restart. The brush uses Touchstart technology that activates the brush after it is moved up or down by the cow. One brush is sufficient for 50 to 60 cows and requires little or no maintenance.

Brush frame dimensions1016 x 834 x 390 mm
Brush diameterø 390 mm
Brush length781 mm
Weight36 kg
Power usage per hour0.12 Kw
Brush rotation speed58 rpm
MovementUpwards / downwards
Direction of rotationClockwise / anti-clockwise