HL100 – Individualised Calf Feeding


In the past, the primary goal of computerised automatic feeders was to feed as many calves as possible with as little work as possible.

Today, the technology must also adapt flexibly to changing calf rearing and breeding situations, and, for example, must be able to offer different feeding programmes with different types of feed, of course always adjusted to the individual calf and taking into account the optimum state of health. The H&L 100 automatic feeding system has already been effectively implementing all of these features in everyday practice for many years now.For growing farm operations, however, other factors are becoming more important: ensuring maximum hygiene, storing and analysing important calf data, and effective and efficient work organization in the calf housing are essential for successful farms.

With its hygiene stations and the CalfGuide management programme, the H&L 100 system is continuously setting new benchmarks in the field of automatic calf feeding. On the following pages, we will show you how the H&L 100 will revolutionise your work in the calf stable!